Turnkey Fabrication is committed to 100% customer satisfaction by achieving measurable objectives through continuous improvement driving delivery of quality product on time.

As a Turnkey Fabrication employee, I will:

• Instill safety in myself and my peers
• Achieve customer satisfaction through dedication to producing quality parts on time
• Be responsible for the quality of product I produce

At Turnkey Fabrication, quality, safety, innovation and continuous improvement is our strategy for future growth. Turnkey Fabrication is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Sheet Metal Fabricator.

As Part of our Quality Control Process, to quickly and accurately measure flat parts ran on either our lasers or turret press, we use a Virtek, LaserQC machine. LaserQC quickly performs flat part inspection-next to your CNC equipment. The operator simply places a part on the scan table and clicks on the Scan icon. As the laser scans the part, the outline appears in real time on the computer screen. In seconds the scanned part can be automatically compared to the corresponding CAD file with any variances outside pre-set tolerances highlighted in color. If required, LaserQC can even automatically create detailed documentation for your external customers on your own internal quality process.

To accurately measure parts as they go through the different operations on the floor, each person has access to digital calipers ranging from 0” to 24”, along with digital height gauges ranging from 0” to 40”. Also available are various squares, protractors, and pin gauges. We are also in the process of adding a Vision system to each machine. This system will check every part as it is completed at each station.