Turnkey Fabrication is set up for mig/tig welding various types of materials. From Stainless to Aluminum, galvanized/galvanized materials. We run top of the line 305 Miller welders.

Turnkey Fabrication also has two resistant welders for spot welding various materials together. We create a nugget nest for all set up’s in order to assure full strength welds. Both welders have a 3 foot reach for hard to reach panels.

Turnkey Fabrication also has two C.D. stud guns. (Capacitor Discharge System). They are capable of welding headless studs, nuts, and standoffs for A class surfaces.

Turnkey Fabrication runs two Arch Mates 100 Robotic welders, made by Fanuc Robots, Inc. We have two types of Robot Cells. (A) Three door solid mount Jig fixtures. (B) Rotating table with two sided Jig holders. Both robots are capable of aluminum and regular steel wire.